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Microtonal Guitar & Microtonal Music Studies


Sten's Guitar Studio ( AKA NYC Guitar Studio ) offers microtonal guitar and music instruction with internationally acclaimed guitar virtuoso, composer, bandleader, producer and veteran music educator Sten Hostfalt, recognized for inventing and implementing custom techniques for hands-on application and interpretation of microtones on the traditional, standard 6-string / 12 fret guitar, via the 72-note Equal Tempered virtual pitch continuum formulated by Ezra Sims and Joe Maneri.

It should be noted that contrary to common beleif, the instrument at hand is not what makes any music microtonal or not. Rather the ear and skill of the player is what does. Consequently players of any and all instruments * are welcome to study microtonality with Sten Hostfalt at NYC Guitar Studio. For guitarists, a regular 6-string, 12-fret guitar is sufficient, no modification extra strings or frets necessary as we learn the techniques needed to hear and play microtones.

* if the instruction is requested for any other instrument than the guitar, note that ear training will be the focus, and that the technical adjustements necessary to perform microtones should be shown by someone skilled on the instrument in question.

To sign up for Microtonal Guitar and Music Sessions/ Lessons at NYC Guitar Studio, please book regular sessions or pro-sessions whichever applies, through online advance payment, after requesting the specific lesson content.

For info on Sten Hostfalt's Microtonal Guitar work please visit microtonalguitar.net

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