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[ JULY 24 ]

Reading and Sight Reading on the
Right now, implementing a
sight-reading program for the guitar,
well known as a difficult instrument
to read on, and historically speaking
fairly recently introduced ( in the 19th
century ) as an instrument, as well as
included in the academic environment
( in the U.S. not until the late 1950's ).
* Then not counting its forerunners
the Vihulela and the Baroque Guitar
and its ancestor the Lute ( medieval,
rennaissance and arabic lute ) that
mainly used a tabulature system.

This will be an ongoing process as
musical literacy is a key factor in our
ability to successfully operate and
function in various musical contexts.

Needless to say, in the development of
both rhythm, time and harmony and
therefore also composition, the ability
to read, analyze and communicate in
writing is important, if not necessary.

[ JULY 16 ]

Intense session filled week. New York
Jazz Academy Monday-Wednesday was
mainly about assisting Amelia from
Shanghai in preparing to perform Jazz
guitar live for the very first time. This
weeks advanced ukulele sessions on
The Lower East Side involved intervallic
harmony studies and Sunday we worked
on J.S. Bach's two-part Inventions for
piano transcribed for two guitars.

[ JUNE 30 ]

Heading into July, I just had a couple of new
cool people with interesting requests in this
week ( that was cut short by a short sudden
high fever episode that lasted three days

The stuff we did have time to get into was :

* Triadic ( linear ) arpeggio excercises through
Chord Progressions which is a key feature of
Swing-era as well as post-Django Gitano Gypsy
Jazz Guitar styles. We worked on 'All Of Me'
which is a great tune for a triad workout. We
used fingerings suited for brush-strokes ( AKA
'Sweep picking' ) and legato type fingerings
covering the entire fretboard considering
all inversions and close and open voicings.

* Also how to learn and memorize tunes &
how to hands-on associate scale material
for improvisation.
Important and all too
often neglected or misundertood chapter.

* Last but not least the somewhat multi-faceted
or even open ended topic of Associating Scales
with Hybrids, by which we looked at the fifth
located within a certain hybrid, inverted it to
a fourth in order to see it as a tetrachord
( half
of a scale ) and then in turn look at the many
possible variables implied or actually available.

[ JUNE 24 2017 ]

Among the work in progress right now :

* Fifth position jazz guitar workout with
triads, arpeggios, scales, reading and
2 part J.S. Bach Inventions as well as
Bud Powell's bebop composition 'Wail'
( Rhythm Changes head in Eb ) in ( or
around ) the fifth position.

* Bi-tonality considerations ( extended
tonality ) tetrachords and fingerings in
improvisation of 5th mode of harmonic
minor (Mixolydian b9, b13) scale played
over a iv 6/4 - V/6 chord progression.

* Transcription sessions continued with
Neil Young's 'Ohio'
(drop D tuning in Dm)

* Lots of other things. More to be listed.

Stay posted. SEE YOU IN SESSION / Sten

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[ JUNE 1 2017 ]

SUMMER SESSIONS SCHEDULED NOW if you like to come in to play during June, July and August-now is the time to set it up.

Lower East Side sessions are back up again after some time off. Wednesday is the main LES day for now. And in Midtown it's Saturdays. As usual Sundays is the Ridgewood session day.

Anything else is setup on a continuous custom request basis.



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[ APRIL 30 2017 ]

stensguitarstudio.com is the new site
and nycguitarstudio.com automatically
redirect-mirrors stensguitarstudio.com

Same way stenguitar.com is now the new
Sten Hostfalt artist site with sonusrex.com
and stenhostfalt.com acting as mirror sites.

New York City lesson rates have gone
up in general, and while we try to keep
it constant, as usual it's just a matter
of time before we will have to follow
and raise it as well.

So we just did.
Manhattan rates are now :

Trial Lesson $45 ( one hr. )
Half Hour Lesson $45
One Hour Lesson $82
Eight Lesson Pack $598
12-Lesson Pack ( still ) $840

Ridgewood ( and all other
rates - except Manhattan
unchanged, same as before
and still among the most
affordable qualified professional
instruction in New York City.

Trial Lesson $25
Half Hour Lesson $25
One Hour Lesson $50
Three ( 1 hr. ) Lessons $125
( = $41.33 / one hr. lesson )

The complete list of rates is
as usual at the booking page

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