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BASS AWARENESS: I often find reasons to remind
guitar students that the standard 6-string guitar is a
transposing instrument and much of its range really
is in what we know as the bass register. As an example
5 of the 6 open strings on a regular guitar in standard
tuning is in the bass clef
. Not until the open 1st string
do we actually operate ON the staff of the treble clef.

Sten Hostfalt with his stripped '05 Fender Precision, high strung
with LaBella
Deep Talking Flats. 'My 5th Mexican : the durability
and affordability of the MIM's makes them a player's instrument,
and an instrument that gets played a lot will always sound good '.

Once we realize and recognize that we as guitarists in
fact already to a great extent operate in the bass range,
then we also realize that is is quite surprising how many
guitarists commonly, comparatively speaking know much
less about the bass and its actual musical function, than
they know about purely melodic or rhythmic playing.

Really hearing, feeling and understanding root motion
and hearing and realizing harmony 'from the bottom'
is a profound experience that guitar players do have
within reach, since they in fact to a great extent
( once again ) already operate in the bass register.
Awareness of this is what makes all the difference.

Focusing on playing and hearing both actual bass lines
and the root motion of tunes is often a sort of a-ha
experience for guitarists since it's really all there right
under our noses all the time. Highlighting the bottom
part of it all helps when memorizing tunes, as root
motion tends to naturally activate our aural memory
while cerebral attempts to mentally 'photograph'
chord progressions and music, really does not.

In other words, getting hip to the bass and playing in
the bass register-performing this function as such, is
a great way for most guitarists to instantly improve
and develop their understanding of both the guitar,
which as we all know very well, is a polyphonic and
versatile instrument - as well as of music in general.

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NOVEMBER-DECEMBER + year 2018 SESSIONS scheduled now. Get in touch to claim a weekday and time, or specific dates by signing up for monthly (3-lesson pack), quarterly (8-lesson pack) or seasonal (12-lesson pack) setups ... SEE YOU IN SESSION !


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OCEAN ! Hanging out in the Ridgewood studio on Sunday afternoon, born 09.28.17 in Brooklyn New York and a little more than a week old, Ocean Theodorou Hostfalt is the youngest ever member of the guitar club and we can't wait to introduce him to everyone and to all of the music going on here.

We are currently mapping sessions for the rest of October into November as we speak, so just get in touch for Manhattan and Ridgewood sessions as well as SKYPE virtual online sessions and Pro-Sessions ( Just re-instated NYC on location / outcall format ! ) along with recording/audio editing and music notation services. For more detailed info visit https://squareup.com/store/nyc-guitar-studio


SEPTEMBER 24, 2017


Our CHORD SOLO SESSIONS are in advanced
mode right now with True Polyphonic thinking.

The obstacle that the multiple fingering options
of the guitar initially present, will in the long run
prove to be beneficial and a true advantage.

Our MODAL STUDIES started off on two separate
tracks this semester is currently on a hold. Briefly
we hope. We learned how modes are constructed
their significance and both traditional and brand
new ways to access, use and work with them.

Following a couple of years of 'regular guitar lessons'
of learning basic instrument techniques via classic
rock, punk and R & B tunes we have been holding
regular ROCK N ROLL SESSIONS on the Lower East
Side for a couple of years now. We have documented
much in form of session recordings where we more
or less spontaneously improvise, create and compose
our own material, a long established traditional and
classic formula for music making that we proudly
enjoy reinforcing, continuing and passing on.

UKULELE SESSIONS started off with a fresh,
brand new run this season. Past few years
generated a lot of material for the uke and
some of it indeed creatively so, saw some
brand new angles and paths commonly not
taken when approaching the instrument.
We are excited to see where this takes us.

once again brought
up as a way to get out of standardized and
'generic' recycled guitarisms.

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Setting up sessions and booking is easy
whether it's locally in Manhattan or via
SKYPE virtual online sessions purchase
lessons, single, monthly quarterly or
seasonal sets or use any set or setup
on project basis, as often as you like.

Buy lessons here and then coordinate
according to available session times.
Get a general idea of the schedule by
visisting the calendar and then either
call 347-546-0092 or schedule email
to sten[at]stensguitarstudio[dot]com.

As always, all of what the signup
commitment and study process entails
and involves, including the policy in
effect for
a decade now, is listed for
quick, easy reference on the info page.

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Microtonal Guitar Works Vol.1 OUT NOW !
15 years of Sten Hostfalts microtonal music
Anniversary digital multi-album compilation.

A multi-album set with four complete works
nine suites and 48 tracks total of music created
for ( and commissioned by ) lectures at New
World School For The Arts Miami, FL, Berklee
College of Music, The Royal College of Music
in Stockholm and Fundacio' ACA XXXV Encontre
de Compositors Festial at Pilar i Joan Miro'
Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Plus a 2006 solo set
recorded at Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge MA
( previously released as the CD 'Macroscope' )
and the 2002 solo concert recording initially
CD released as 29 Pieces For The Microtonal
Guitar Live at Knitting Factory New York


There is still some space left, sign up here
to claim, reserve and confirm your three,
eight or twelve lesson package.

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[ AUGUST 23 ]

Planning fall 2017
Weekly ( 3 ) Quarterly ( 8 )
and Semester ( 12 ) packages
available. Manhattan Midtown
Lower East Side and Ridgewood
Queens studio locations/setups.


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All programmatic contect for
summer 2017 is now fully archived
and dropboxed as a summary for
each and everyone. Get in touch
if anything needs clarification.
Meanwhile Thanks everyone for
the creative input this summer !

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[ APRIL 30 2017 ]

stensguitarstudio.com is the new site
and nycguitarstudio.com automatically
redirect-mirrors stensguitarstudio.com

Same way stenguitar.com is now the new
Sten Hostfalt artist site with sonusrex.com
and stenhostfalt.com acting as mirror sites.

New York City lesson rates have gone
up in general, and while we try to keep
it constant, as usual it's just a matter
of time before we will have to follow
and raise it as well.

So we just did.
Manhattan rates are now :

Trial Lesson $45 ( one hr. )
One Hour Lesson $82
Eight Lesson Pack $598
12-Lesson Pack ( still ) $840

Ridgewood ( and all other
rates - except Manhattan
unchanged, same as before
and still among the most
affordable qualified professional
instruction in New York City.

Trial Lesson $35
Half Hour Lesson $35
One Hour Lesson $50
Three ( 1 hr. ) Lessons $135
( = $45 / one hr. lesson )

The complete list of rates is
as usual at the booking page

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