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Guitar Ensemble

Starting the spring 2019 season Sten's Guitar Studio will be organizing guitar ensemble sessions at a Manhattan studio location.

* Regular private Manhattan studio students participate for free, as part of their already ongoing study program.

* Regular students at the Ridgewood location (local Queens discount), as well as former private students-not currently signed up, or anybody wishing to register for ensemble sessions only (and not in private studies) may participate via either of the registration fee options listed below :

* $180 for three ensemble sessions ( $60 per ensemble sesson )
* $300 for six ensemble sessions ( $50 per ensemble session )

The guitar ensemble sessions main objective is to provide a forum and outlet for group playing for guitarists ( acoustic and electric ), that also may include other plucked string instruments such as mandolin, ukulele, banjo, bouzuki, steel guitar, lap-steel and acoustic or electric bass guitar.

The repertoire and musical selections thereof will be selected, composed and/or arranged by and for the participants, all in relation to needs and desires. Ensemble concert performances will be held in the process.

To sign up for guitar ensemble sessions at Sten's Guitar Studio, send an email to sten[at]stensguitarstudio[dot]com expressing your interest.


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