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As an indepently owned and operated and community based operation since its 2006 inception, successfully run for over a decade, with neither corporate nor private external funding, and based on a history in DIY control over creative content and it's communication since 1981, Sten's Guitar Studio ( AKA Sten Hostfalt's NYC Guitar Studio ) relies entirely on its community for its continued progress, activity and existence.

All contributions to Sten Hostfalt's NYC Guitar Studio goes straight to the realization of creative work in progress. In the light of this, and as NYC Guitar Studio heads into its second decade, investments in the form of donations facilitating future endavours are always welcome and very much appreciated.

Thank You for your active support of longtime dedicated work in creative independent music and music education.


Sten Hostfalt
Founder & Director
Sten's Guitar Studio
( Sten Hostfalt's NYC Guitar Studio )

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Among the many successful community funded projects related to Sten's Guitar Studio, the Sonus Rex label and the creative activity of guitarist, bassist, electronica musician, composer, educator, producer and record label proprietor Sten Hostfalt, are notably his critically acclaimed '02 solo concert recording 29 Pieces For The Microtonal Guitar Live at Knitting Factory [ referred to as "among the most riveting recording of the microtonal world ever made" by Signal To Noise and "may be considered groundbreaking" by Jazz Review ] As well as the large microtonal ensemble DIMENSIONAL STATES ( 15-piece including dancers ) staged in 2014, and the multi-facted music educational work at Sten's Guitar Studio ( formerly known as Sten Hostfalt's Guitar Studio or just NYC Guitar Studio ) including the systematic teaching of iconic musical innovator Joe Maneri's equal-tempered 72-note per octave system on the traditional 6-string/12-fret guitar. All listed and on public display at Sten Hostfalt's Musician, Label and Artist Site